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Well East Team,

I did a little work and came up with a real plan to keep the baton moving, in the most efficient means. I started with where it is now (start point) and where it should be at the end point (as stated by the rules) . I plotted all the remaining states / capitals. With using 2010 Streets and Trips I optimized the stops and this is the best route with the least mileage/ time etc.

I am a great believer of:

Plan your work...... Work your plan.
(I believe any Long distance rider would agree)

If we to adopt this "planned route" it would facilitate with planning, times on the road for our riders and accomplish the mission in the best manner. With this everyone will know where it's been and where it is going next.

I have it at point 1 as of 4/19/11

Here is the map: Also I do have the directions if needed.

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