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There is a chain of clothing stores here in Canada (Marks Work Warehouse) that sells battery powered socks. They take a C battery each and it fires up some thin wires in the thermal sock to keep your toes toasty. ($19.99 / pair ).

I'm looking for the same technology in a glove (Gauntlet style). Anyone seen something like this in thier travels?


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i had a pair over 30 years ago for snowmobile rideing.

they were clumsy with that heavy battery on your wrist. also didnt heat much, the battery only lasted like an hour. it was a nice thought that didnt work.


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heated gloves


I had a friend loan me a pair of the battery operated gloves while i waited for my gerbing's to arrive. They barely got warm in the palms only with no heat at all in the fingers, which is where you really need the heat.
Don't waste your money, get the gerbings.

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