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I setup the BigBikeRiders Photo Post so that after you load a photo and go back to the thumbnail you can then right click on the thumbnail and copy the url and use it for your Avatar in your profile. :D

What I did was set the thumbnail size to 120 by 120 instead of what I had it set at (150 by 150) so it will be the right size and you won't have to mess with it.

I can still load them for you if you like, I just wanted to give you an easy option to do it yourself. :D


Thanks for loading mine, LaMonster.....

I've been back in to change mine twice now, and it is easy!

This new forum software is great.....everything about the site is a huge improvement. Thanks again for all your hard work (and patience :roll: )

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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