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Looking for new helmet. Like the looks of the Bell Mag 8 with flip shield and visor. Anyone have this helmet and if so how do you like it?

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yes i have one of these helmets and so does my wife. They are great. I bought the smoke/tinted shield also. I did a write up on webbikeworld. Plus they have a good review.

I purchased a Bell Mag 8 helmet based solely on your review. I was in the market for a new open-face helmet. I had a couple things that I was particularly interested in (Had to have).
  • I wanted a white helmet.​
  • I wanted on that was comfortable’​
  • I wanted one that had a face shield or the ability to attach a face shield.​
  • It shouldn’t cost a fortune. 150$ US was my limit.​
  • It had to have the capability for an intercom, headphones hook up.​
  • I found all of this and more with the Bell Mag 8.​
I ordered two Mag 8 Helmets from, one for me and one for my wife, both in size Medium and both Pearl White for 90$ US each. I could not find a true white, but the pearl white was close enough to the color that I wanted. I have a black bike but as you know a white helmet is much more visible. After initially trying on the helmet and attaching the headphone/intercom system, I took a short afternoon ride. First impressions:
Bell Helmets are the most comfortable that I have even worn. I am not sure if it is the shape/size of my head but there are no pressure points anywhere.
I previously purchased a Bell Zephyr (full face) based on your review. The helmet goes off/on my head without effort and is extremely comfortable while riding or while stopped.
The helmet was very quite just as you had indicated in your review. In fact, the Mag 8 may be quieter than the Zephyr full face. I am not sure why, but it seems so. There is no wind buffering from the visor/shield combination and the helmet does not feel top heavy.
The helmet is very light weight. Since it is fiberglass, this helmet (3/4 style) is lighter than the ½ helmets I have previously owned that were made from poly.
I especially like the built in visor and shield combination. I think this is what sold me on the helmet in the first place. It looks a bit unusual from the onset, but the functionality outweighs the aesthetics. Now this is not to say that I think this is an ugly helmet; on the contrary, I really like the looks.
In fact, once I saw the helmet in person rather than from a computer image, I was extremely impressed with the design and really liked the styling of the helmet overall. My wife will not ride without a face shield. The Mag 8’s built in shield is just the ticket for her comfort and safety.
The built in shield is crystal clear with no distortion. It easily moves from the down position to the up position with just a push. There is no binding in the movement. Once in the up position the shield did not attempt to fall or move even at highway speeds.
Attaching a headset/intercom was very simple, so far as running the ear speakers within the helmet. The cheek pads easily remove as does the inner liner (see CONs on intercom connection).
The paint/finish and overall quality of the helmet seem to be first class. Personally, the quality of the liner, padding outweighs the quality of the paint/finish when I am in the market for a helmet. Who cares what the helmet looks likes if it is not comfortable to wear. I am all about functionality over looks. The cheek pads were not stiff and immediately conformed to my face without effort.

This is maybe a pro and a con, depending on the perspective. The Mag 8 has a rubber bumper that goes around the bottom of the helmet. This makes the helmet a bit lighter, but it was challenging to attach my Harley-Davidson stock intercom/headset.
I had to fold (bend) the runner upwards a bit in order to allow the clamp to catch on a more stable part of the helmet. Other types of intercoms units may have similar issues. However, a work around is not that difficult to engineer.
I had even thought about cutting a small portion of the rubber bumper in order for the headset clamp to have the ability to attach directly to the helmet. If I see that my initial method will not work properly then I will make the necessary adjustments.

I would highly recommend this helmet to anyone in the market for a new open face helmet. As this is the second Bell helmet I have purchased based 100% on the review from webBikeWorld, I have been 100% satisfied with both purchases.
Just as we are sometimes brand specific, I think Bell has finally gotten back into the mainstream market for a low cost, high quality helmet. Maybe another contract with Wal-Mart may be in order for the complete Bell Helmet line instead of just a few random styles.​

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What he said. :agree:

The only thing I added was black tape to the lower portion of the shield to aid in the sunshield effect when the sun is low on the horizon.
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