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Bernies Restaurant

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We have eaten here twice since staying with my parents. Bernie's is in Chicopee in the Westover AFB area. I think it might be on James St ? OMG the food is awesome, prime rib 2 -2 1/4 inches " thick, for $ $12.95, clams that are so tender they melt in your mouth.Allot of their food is made on site. Anyone else ever eat there? If not give it a try. :thumbup:
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We eat there now and then, 3 miles away.

Jonesy- Hey this Ronnie on the black 2010.................. how you doing??
never been but I will be checking it out.
Yeah check it out. If we weren't so far away we would go at least once a month.
I enjoy eating there myself - good food! 4 sure!
How do you like the thickness of that prime rib? And full of flavor. There used to be a place in Western Mass. that had prime rib like that.It was named the Country Charm Restaurant in Cheshire,but they closed twenty years ago or more.
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