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I GOT A PRICE FROM on a new 07 and a new 08 back in March of 08, $17,999 for an 07 and $18,999 for an 08, I went to Chaparrel motor sports in San Bernardino and they gave me an 08 out the door for $200.00 more than OTDCYCLESPORTS wanted for an 07 and it was $800.00 cheaper than they wanted for an 08. I told them $18,200 out the door no more no less, after about 20 minutes I had my price, I wanted to put $10,000.00 on a credit card so I could get points for the purchase but they said for that price it had to be cash, so I took them a check the next day and away I went. I think I got a great deal. With the economy the way it is you should be able to drive a good deal on a new bike. There are a lot of great deals on used 08's out there also,
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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