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I put J&M in the rear, didnt last a week!
got new replacements...lasted a day! not blown....No sound at all! on all 4 replacements....(they are 3 ohm,I dont no if this is why,or not)
now I have polks slighly short on the holes....just drilled new ones...slight gap I filled in with epoxy (putty type...)

I put 6 1/2" polks in front (DB651) VERY TIGHT fit,but holes match perfectly! I'm talkin,pounding in with a hammer tight!
had to squeeze under a bracket for the windshield...(I think that's what it was...)
bent the outer part of speakers,but all went good! very easy!
I did have to cut off all the speaker wire ends and put new ones on....different size!
Very happy with the sound,but not at first....I disconnected the 2 tweeter cones in the speaker grill....
polks have tweeters in them, and it was too trebbley for me....
I can't say it's much louder, which is fine! it's plenty loud enough! And much clearer...
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