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Last year I started a topic about how I wanted to try and repair my somewhat functional Kuryakyn Ring of Fire (ROF) lights. Here is the reference to that discussion: ... highlight=

I have since decided to abandon the repairs as I was somewhat successful, but not enough to be happy with the results.

I am contemplating buying a new ROF kit from Hal, but am a bit put off at spending that much. Even without having to buy new rotor covers, I was hoping to find someone who sells just the circuit boards, OR, boards that will fit inside the Kuryakyn ROF framework. (For less than $100)

Before anybody asks, NO, I do not have any way to replace them under warranty. They were a gift from someone who purchased them on eBay, and therefore I have no receipt from a dealer.

Anybody know if there are such options available?

TIA, Kirk
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