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No not from Hal.

I received a flyer in the mail today from the Honda dealer I purchased
my '03 from........Great bunch of people.

Their running a tire and accessory sale.

All accessories 20% off.

Elite 3 GL1800 tire sets @ $239, reg price $483.48.

2006 GL1800 Gold or Black (YUK) sale price $15999.00 reg. $18999.00. No options listed.

What Think Guy's..........Good Deal?

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Well, here in Leesburg, FL, local dealer got a truck load or 2 of GOLD color wings for sale for 16K. Been selling them for that price for a month now. 17K before then for awhile. Not sure how many have left the door, but that price is best I have seen around Central Florida.

I think Hal was selling Mets for $220.00 including the price you show is not far off....
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