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Hello, all!
Need your unbiased opinion, please!
As we are all attached to our machines and think they are priceless...:rolleyes:

I have a 2006' Airbag with full Traxxion, 21,00 miles on it.
Some other goodies include:
  • Kury ISO pegs
  • Kury highway pegs
  • Bike Solutions seat
  • Utopia Back-rest
  • Spare seat with flattened out driver area and gel pads for both - not heated
  • Trunk spoiler
  • Blinking stop lights (forgot what make)
  • High beam modulator
  • Brand new Stones (300 miles)
I probably forgot some stuff as well...

What would the bike be worth these days?

Thank you!

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Go by the Kelly Blue Book and add a couple of grand to it as negociable headroom.

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