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My wife and I went to a couple of "Biker" parties last Saturday nite. First was our GWTA Christmas party at Piccolos here in Omaha, one of the finest steak houses around. We had a "White elephant" gift exchange, some awards were handed out and lets not forget to mention the fellowship, this is a great bunch of people and we love to ride, camp, eat dinner etc with these folks. Saw DaveinOmaha and his lovly wife "Bump". She was given the name due to a freak accident with a Goldwing and a camper :) you will never find a nicer couple anywhere.

Then after the owner kicked us out (they wanted to lock up and go home) Brenda and I went to an "Outlaw" biker party at a friends house. They live on the same road as us and our kids go to school together. We have ridden with these folks some, I went to Sturgis one year with them. Anyway, it was a loud music, lots of booze kinda thing, everyone wearing leathers and trying to look "tough" some Valhala dudes and Tribesman 1%ers and (this is the cool part??) some were talking about this one Hells Angel that was supposed to show up. Like this is what makes a Christmas party great :) so I had 2 shots and a Pepsi then we left, the suspense was to much for me.

Not trying to slam the HD bunch but I like to smile and laugh, not much of that going on at party no. 2

Anyone else share a similar time?
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