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Biker Pro Plus video cam for GL1800

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I think it's appropriate to give a vendor credit when he stands behind a product 100% when you are having a problem. I purchased a Biker Pro video cam on and had major problems from the get go...leaking camera, defective software, WiFi that wouldn't connect. So I called the owners number from the business card in the box, and he gladly sent me an upgraded Biker Pro Plus unit, simply on my word I would return the old one to them (which I did). This new unit works superbly and I strongly recommend this to anyone who is needing a video cam and doesn't want to jury rig something with a GoPro.

I installed the body of the unit in the right hand glove box, and put the USB drive unit in the tail trunk, so when I don't want to use the camera itself, I can use the USB port to charge my cellphone. I have a couple of tips for anyone installing this unit:
1- ONLY use the USB power unit that comes with this device. DON'T try to power it off a USB port that you may already have installed on the bike. It may not work otherwise
2- Once the camera is mounted, use the WiFi connection from a centre stand parking position to level the camera. Then use a small dab of silicone seal along the bottom side of the camera to keep it from revolving in it's mount. Otherwise, the natural twist of the armoured cable itself will eventually cause the unit to twist in it's mount and take pictures not level with the ground

I am going to try to upload photos to show parts of the installation, but regardless, it is a great option for a Wing. The videos are top quality 1080p and there is no visible choppiness or lag - easily as good as my GoPro Hero 2 unit. It comes with a basic video editing software program called Magic which I haven't used, so I can't speak to it's usefulness..
But overall, a great package from a great company....


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+1 on recommending this product. I installed mine some time ago. Here is how I installed mine:

Here are a few recent videos I have taken with mine:

Million Dollar Highway:


Spearfish Canyon:

Be sure to select high quailty while viewing to see how good this camera records.
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HI rh.campbell and Venturous, Nice write up by both of you. I to were having issues with my BulletHD Pro and like you called the company I bought the unit from. Same thing, they just upgraded me to the BulletHD Pro Plus. Going to install it soon, however I do have a question for both of you. I mounted my controller in the left hand pocket for added weather protection, Venturous I know they say the unit is water proof however your location is out in the open. Are you satisfied with that location and are you having any water issues? As for a camera location I to was concerned with fork travel and went with a different mounting solution. Did not use the mount that came with camera, instead used a square tie strap base and mounted it to a fairiing screw but replaced it with a longer screw, then used a black tie strap to fasten it. Works great! Last question, when you wash your Wing do you do anything to cover any camera items while washing?
Thanks for your input.
Ride safe.
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Nice to hear my experience wasn't an isolated incident and this is truly the great way they treat their customers. I too own a company and treat my customers the exact same way. Too bad big companies of all sorts just mouth the words but don't ever seem to come through !! Once "bean counters" run the show, customer service is an "expense" therefore minimized......

When I am on the bike I don't do anything special to cover the camera. However, when I'm driving, and stop for a rest, I always clean the outer lense to keep bugs and road dirt off it. I had one segment of video with a bug splattered dead centre of the lense - it reminded me of a cartoon I once saw with the road runner plastered on a plate glass window, arms and legs splayed out.....:)))

The camera is advertised as being waterproof (the older version one this one replaced clearly wasn't - at least with my unit), so I'm not concerned about that. If it's going to leak, better to do so within the warranty period !! But treat the lense with the same care you do your other camera lenses.

I can't speak for the waterproofing of the "alien eyes" unit itself; looking at it, I very much doubt it's waterproof though, or if it is, I doubt it would stay that way with a heavy downpour. But the other party might be able to answer that better for you. The camera comes with secure attaching cable connections, but just in case, I put a little silicone seal along the back of the camera where the HDMI port is. Better safe than sorry....

The only complaint I have is that the cable attaching the camera to the body is quite stiff, and tends to revolve the camera in it's mount. But again, silicone seal solves that minor issue.

Now when I go on club rides and accumulate 40 Gigs of video files for some 8 hours of riding, I have to find a place to put these so the other club members can access them....maybe You Tube, which automatically shrinks the files. Plus I find I don't always want to use the camera, so putting the USB connection in the rear tail trunk allows me to connect and disconnect at will...(I'm not really looking for dashcam capability;just video cam usage...)

The more I use it, the happier I am with it.....a five plus rating
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No issues with water. And no... I don't cover the camera when I wash. I ride in the rain often. I never cover the controller or camera. If it wasn't weatherproof... it would have went back as I am not a fair weather rider.

I installed mine for the primary purpose of being a dashcam. However, I set the video length to 2 minute which works great for sharing files with friends or uploading to youtube. I also carry a spare microsd card in case I have a great ride I do not won't over-written until I can dump to my pc.

I have tried using the wifi to transfer files, but IMHO it is painfully slow... so I just pop the card out and dump to my laptop. Works much faster.
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