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Being somewhat of an avid reader, I have over the last few years, devoured quite a number of fine books. I tend to focus on a particular author or subject especially if I find the writing style to my liking. Last year it was various material from Riding the American Dream to every book I could find about Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood and Arnie Palmer.
Well I felt compelled to share some info on a local Northern Minnesota Author by the name of Gary Paulson who I would describe as an up north back country woodsman who lived (lives) a wild and wooly life and has run the Iditarod several times. His most famous and interesting piece of work is also a best seller named Winterdance. This is his story of not only running the Iditarod but a humorous description of the training and trials associated with dogs and creatures in general.
If you enjoy humor mixed with insanity and human spirit this book will fit the bill.

Some others by Gary are Hatchet, Rifle, and Pilgrimage on a Steel Ride.
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