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Convert trunk lights

This is the way I did it.Got this from one of the guys on here.

Be Blessed

Converting The Outer Trunk Lights to Run/Brake/Turn

1- Purchase the Kuryakyn #4710, brake/turn controller, do not use the larger yellow unit with the connector, use the smaller yellow unit with input and output wires
2- Remove seat
3- Remove rear fender, 2 top screws, 1 middle screw and 2 lower screws
4- Remove trunk molding, 2 screws for each side inside the trunk, the rear molding has 2 exposed screws visible once the side molding is removed
5- Remove lower trunk liner, screws are also inside the trunk, 2 on either side and 2 in the back
6- On the Kuryakyn unit, on the output side and cap off the red wire, it will not be used. Tie the 2 black wires together, one on the input side and the other on the output side, they are ground and will go to a common ground
7- On the Kuryakyn unit you will now have the following, on the input side a power wire which must go to a switched source, not a constant hot source, a right and left turn signal wire and a brake wire. On the output side you will now have a right and left turn signal wire
8- Look toward the bottom of the trunk under the seat and there will be a large connector with a rubber boot over it, go to the trunk side and the wiring will be as follows: green is ground, leave alone, light blue is right turn, splice the Kuryakyn input right turn signal wire into it; the orange wire is the left turn signal, splice the Kuryakyn input left turn signal wire into it; the green/red is the brake wire, splice the Kuryakyn input brake wire into it
9- Extend the right and left turn signal wires by about 18”on the output side and feed under the trunk, remember which is which
10- Remove the trunk light housings by unscrewing the 3 acorn nuts (for each) inside the trunk
11- Remove the white connector to the outside light bulb
12- Cut the 2 wires that are not green (I forget the colors but solid green is always a ground on the Wing), splice the 2 wires together and then splice the appropriate output turn signal wire into this and reconnect the connector, now repeat for the other side
13- Connect the input ground wires to an appropriate source
14- Connect the input power wire to a switched source, a recommendation would be to the top left open connector in the fuse box next to the battery
15- Have a beer, you deserve it
16- Cut on the ignition, if the bike doesn‘t blow up or there is a really big fire then you are on your way. See if all upper and lower lights are on as normal, press on the brake lever and see if all brake lights work, then the brake pedal and look again. Now the big test, activate the turn signals and see if the lower yellow and the the new outer trunk lights flash. A suggestion would to have someone else stand at the rear to see the lights.
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