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Brake Mileage

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Question for you experts out there. At what mileage did you do your first brake change on your GL?

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I changed out the front, left and right side, at 28k and the rear at 34k. The front left was wore out almost down to the indicator lines. The right wasn't too bad. The rear was also about gone when I took them out. I use the rear a lot and expected it to go first. The left front is linked to the back but don't have near the pad thickness as the rear pads. Be sure when you do the pad change out to clean the pucks on the brake calipers good. I used brake cleaner and a tooth brush to get off all the brake dust caked on them. Fred's DVDs are a big help on change and cleaning up the brake system.
Changed the front set of pads at 50k the rear pads still look ok at 66k

Cheers :thumbup:
When a friend of mine had his rear tire replaced for the 3rd time, the mechanic said that his rear shoes and front pad were still good. About 1/2 worn in 69,000 miles. He already replaced his right front pad at about 34,000.
replace rear at 30K and fronts at 20k and at 35K - guess I tend to brake late or something
Like tire wear or many other things there are just to many variables to answer this accurately. Rider speed preferences and cornering techniques, 1 or 2 up loading, trailer puller, terrain type. You can keep tabs on them by simply looking at the wear indicator grooves. I tend to be easy on brake pads even though I ride aggressively and quite fast, engine braking does most of the slowing.
Brake wear varies considerably depending on how and where (road type) one rides.
Brake wear varies considerably depending on how and where (road type) one rides.
Brake wear varies considerably depending on how and where (road type) one rides.

If you always take it easy and use engine braking for most of your deceleration, you could probably make it to 50k or further, but if you often charge hard through the twisties, gassing it out of a turn and hard braking before the next one, 12k might not be reachable.
Pad changes are determined by the Wear Marks! Just like the tires! Don't go by what others are doing! Check them just like you would, your tires! If you wait to long, things get expensive! It's a Groovy Thing! Now , that rings a "Bell", not too many things do, with CRS! :lol:
thanks for asking the brake milage question.........I've been wondering the same thing.........
Thanks guys for all the answers... Bike is in the garage under a cover, stored in the corner till the snow goes away. I need to go out and take a look at the wear and see where I am at.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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