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The Kisan instructions say it is for the spoiler only,which i do not have, will it work on the main brake lights?
Kisan has several different models for the GW. I used the one for up to 4 bulbs. I can't remember the model number but each model does different combinations.

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Which brake light modulator is best and easy to install? thanks Rick,
Best and easy? Well I've used this LED strobe brake modulator from Custom Dynamics (made by Radiantz) on my Vstar and now the Wing.

I had it on my Vstar for 3 years and never a problem.
It has four different programmable modes you can use:
- 3 flashes - solid
- 3 flashes - solid for 5 seconds - repeat
- 3 strobes - solid
- 3 strobes - solid for 5 seconds - repeat
I used some Hitachi plugs and attached them to the brake modulator to make it "plug and play" on the Wing's spoiler. You could also just splice into the spoiler wiring if you like which works just as well. I just wanted a more "OEM like" install so I went with the plugs. I picked those up from Lewis at ElectricalConnections.

Here's the modulator after I installed the Hitachi plugs and a "jumper" ground wire to span from the bike's plug to the spoiler's plug.

Then you just plug one end into the bike (top connector) and the other into the spoiler (bottom connector).

I placed a little velcro to secure the modulator up out of the way in the hump of the trunk.

All done.

Here's what you get with this LED strobe modulator installed and set to the "strobe - solid - repeat" mode. I have the spoiler as only a brake light as I find having a brake only light to be more noticable to others when I apply my brakes. It more closely mimics automobile brake light systems and what folks are expecting for brake light systems. It works really well in grabbing driver attentions.

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