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Bridgestone G704/G709 for sale

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One set of unused Bridgestone G709/704 GL1800 tires for sale in Denver, CO. $225.00 for the pair. Local pickup preferred. If shipped, pay actual shipping cost. These tires still have the factory stickers on the tread. 704 date code = 1912. 709 date code = 2112.
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According to Bridgestone's motorcycle tire data book 2017 edition, page 44 ( , tires should be regularly inspected after 5 years of service and replaced after 10 years of service.
These tires have been stored in my heated garage since I purchased them.
if you have questions or unrelated comments regarding these items for sale, please PM the original poster

.. same as always
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Nice deal I would have been interested we just replaced the rear tire that was blessed with a 4inch nail... I paid 200 for one tire. For those that are concerned with tire date codes I will tell you that dealers will sometimes have them for the same time in there stock. So long as the tires are stored in climate control environment the are safe as per tire manufacturers..... FYI I have no skin in this game nor do I know the seller...just my opinion or 2 cents
Be safe all
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