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Taught I would share this info with you all.

On a trip too Little Switzerland NC from Toronto Canada on Sept 12th thru Sept 16th.

1st day on the way to Newark Ohio, got a rear flat on my G852 in Beaver Falls PA. Called 1/2 dozen dealership in the area with no luck except for MC Mahons Cycle Sales in Beaver Falls (Honda Dealer). They were the 2nd on the list of calls, part person said he could not help me. Plugged the tire as best we could and limped to the same dealer (MC Mahons Cycle Sales) that said they did not have any tires for my Wing.

Spoke to the Owner & Service Tech. they went in the stock room and showed me a G704 180/60R 16.

Got it installed and off I went. Rode some of the twisties & best roads in Ohio (555), WV (RT16), VA (BOTD), NC 226 (Diamond Back). Without a problem.

The G704 turn in a-lot better for me in the twisties. As those who has ridden these roads, it's like slalom skying. Having a full Traxxion Dynamics setup also helped with this ride.

2018 GW DCT White
1 up with luggage setting @ 41psi RR 38psi FR
Sport mode with Paddle shifting

It was a great ride with over 2,000 miles ridden.



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