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Broken Air Wing

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I have Baker Air Wings on my bike and I have broken the left side Airwing. So my question is there a way to order one separate wing or fix the one I broke (I have the broken piece) or is there another option?.................
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Here you go, they are good people to work with, if you have receipts I believe they have a one year warranty, they replaced one of mine that cracked.
I bumped into my bike on a below zero degree day and snapped off one of my wind wings, I ordered one from Baker. So, YES you can order just one from their website. Costly mistake.
Yup, order away. I'd recommend calling them because I had are hard time figuring out the part #. Maybe I am just dumb.
Thanks for the help, didn't realize it was so easy..........................:cool:
Baker Air Wing

I have a right one available. If you have trouble getting just one.....I did not know you could, then let me know and I will help you out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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