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The Kid ,,,,

The BT04 will perform almost identical to the current J&M BT03 headset on the new wing, but will eventually add a VOX helmet to helmet intercom, simultaneous with the music stream from the new bike ,,,,,,

the current BT03 however, is THE BEST performing headset for the new GL1833, but does NOT have the ability to share music and helmet-to-helmet intercom at the same time as it's only negative ,,,,,

WHEN the BT04 is released with the features active for the new GL1833, all Gold Wing owners riding the new GL1833, and using the BT03, will be upgraded to the BT04 control head without charge ,,,,

the BT04 also supports the JMAHP profile, with aptX digital stereo into the headset, for use with the new GL1800 dongle system as shown here, DUPLICATING the sound and performance of J&Ms elite 801 headsets but WITHOUT the cord ,,,,
John - I had a BT03 installed by J&M in May of 2018 for use on my GL1833. I bought it based on the above info that it would be replaced with a BT04 when it became available. I thought the "replacement" would be in the form of a firmware to my BT03. I tried to update and learned from J&M technical the BT03 is not update-able, but must be a BT03+ to accept the update. So, based on the above, I think I qualify for a free replacement BT04? To avoid shipping, can I get that done at Biktoberfest?

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