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I can see you will fit in here with no problem!!!!!

When I first purchased my Bushtec in 02 I was so concerned about the air pressure and making sure everything was perfect. In the beginning the key is not to be in a hurry and not to have ten of your buddies trying to help that own other brands of trailers.

Here is how I was insturcted to prepare the trailer ....... (trailer is disconnected from bike) load the heavier items over the axle with the remaining items toward the front.

In the beginning use a bathroom scale to set the tongue on or use a fish scale to lift the tongue so you have the desired tongue weight. You will soon know by feel, lifting the tongue after it is loaded and will probably not use the scale. Once loaded roll the trailer about 5' and look at the wheels. In at the top, add air. Out at the top, let out some air. Once the wheels are right, hook the trailer to the bike and you are ready to go.

When you have used your trailer 8-10 times you will soon learn how things need to be placed and what the air pressure needs to be. At that point it takes no time at all to pack the trailer, adjust the air and you are ready to go.

I used the hand pump for about 6-8 months before installing the air pump from Electrical Connection. To me the air pump makes a big difference because I load everything and adjust the air rolling down my driveway or in the parking lot before I hit the road.

Now to answer your question ........... When you load all her stuff at the airport, you will have to add air to your previously empty trailer. You did not say how much stuff you required to carry to Marysville. Either way .... 12 cases of beer will probably need a little air and a bathroom stop or two.

It sounds like there is a lot involved with adjusting the air. There really is not! You will quickly learn where things usually set, you put a little air in or let some out and your are on the road. The remote control air pump helps. :wink:
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