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T.O. Bob said:
Next week as part of a 5 day ride, I have to choose between CA HWY 70 (Feather River Canyon) or CA HWY 162 from Oroville to Quincy. For those of you that have ridden these, which one would ya choose? Thanks
T.O.Bob - both are great roads that are fun to ride a motorcycle on so you won't go wrong with either road you choose. Of course, it's always hard to beat a road that has a beautiful river along side it and so the Feather River Canyon has a lot of scenic spots. I'd probably lean towards Hwy 162 also, although I always try to get one or two rides a season on Hwy 70. There is a nice meal stop at Bucks Lake on Hwy 162 although you have to go a bit further up the road to see the lake.

Here are few photos of Hwy 70 - Feather River Canyon:

Here are a few photos from Hwy 162 and the last link is a video that I did on it. Regretably the bullet cam was not very clean and the quality is rather poor, but you'll get the idea of the road and ride.


Have a good trip and enjoy the ride.

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