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Last weekend CA_Doug dropped by, Tucson was his turn point for a San Diego-Tucson-LA SS1000. Tough guy, he had finished a 1/2 Marathon in San Diego that AM and was doing a SS1000 in the afternoon, damn makes me fell like a wimp. BTW, that is truly taking the long way home :smile:.

Couple of things, he was really looking good, he had lost most of his excess weight, about a 1/3 of him is gone....good on Doug.

The other was, an offhand comment he made about his new Motoport stretch Kelvar riding suit, that it "breathes" so good there was little need to open the lower sleeves when riding through the desert in the 111F temps he had that day.

I didn't think much about it at the time but it stuck in a corner of my mind and has wandered around in the empty spaces for a couple of days. While other fabrics may work well I think that is one of the major differences between Kelvar and other fabrics, its breathability. That is one reason when I post about riding in heat I'm, most of the time, careful to point out what I'm posting works for a very specific set of riding gear. While it should work for most gear, because of different porosity between fabrics and riding suits, it might not.
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