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Howdy from Texas .

Need suggestions from felow riders from NV, CA area :

We will be leaving Las Vegas on a Saturday morning towards Los Angeles and then towards San Diego.
Which route to take ?
We need to leave San Diego on Monday. We want to enjoy Hwy 1 on Sunday and spend the Sunday night in San Diego.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.
Riding with daughter and friend and wife
There are lots of options, and it depends on whether you want to get to San Diego quickly, or if you want to explore the scenery on the way there. I agree with KTM530 that you could take the 15 south to Lake Elsinore, and head over Ortega Hwy(74) to the 5, then take the 5 south to San Diego. There are LOTS of fun roads around there. Are you planning to go into LA, or straight to San Diego? You could ride for days and never ride the same road twice. Of course you could take the 15 south and never exit the freeway as well. If you're headed to Los Angeles, I would exit the 15 and take the 2(toward Wrightwood)(I think it's labeled as 138 at the 15) over Angeles Crest into La Canada Flintridge. It's a great stretch of road as well. It's about 60 miles long, and will bring a smile to your face if you like mountain road riding. You could head up to Big Bear/Arrowhead/Crestline as well, and have some fun riding. I could probably come up with some routes for you to take, but unless you can program them into your GPS, you'll have a very difficult time following it.
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