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Here's the deal. My wife and I have the Scala Rider Q2 bluetooth headsets. We use these for our Wing to Spyder communications. However I would like to buy a nice headset for my helmet so I can really appreciate my GW audio system and be able to hook that headset into the Scala when my wife and I are riding. There isn't anything out on the market that I have found yet that allows such a hookup so as to use both systems at once. So for now I would be happy to just be able to wire up the Scala to the good headset for when I'm only using it. This is to keep me from having to purchase a second helmet. (One for each system) So in other words, use for example a J&M mic boom & speakers all the time but be able to plug the Scala unit into them when needed. This would also work with my wife's helmet. When she does ride with me we would rather use the Wing's intercom rather than the Scala. :shrug: Have I confussed everyone by now? I need a way to plug the Scala into a Honda cord.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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