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2004 Honda GL1800 Goldwing - White

All entries prior to 07 January 2007 contain reasonably accurate, but approximate dates / milage. All listed activities are accurate though!

January 2006 - Purchased used w/61,000 +/- miles
Previous Owner punctured coolant overflow tank while backing off of his trailer to sell me the bike. Good thing I came to get it with a trailer!
Repaired tank with JB Weld and wrapped in heavy foil duct tape.
Replaced anti-freeze with 50/50 Dexcool & Distilled Water.

February 2006
Installed Tulsa Windshield w/OEM Vent.
Installed "Flash-2-Pass" Garage Door Opener from EC

March 2006
Changed Oil w/ Spectro & OEM filter (65,000+/- miles)

April 2006 (What a month!!)
Easter Monday, while entering the White House Campus to go to work, the on-duty Uniformed United States Secret Service Officer @ the Jackson Place Gate raised the interior Hydraulic Bollard Barrier before I had crossed it!! Although I was only travelling @ +/- 5mph, I could not stop quick enough to avoid collision with the 12" diameter, 1/4" thick steel tube filled with concrete. The contact was made at the front of the rightside engine head. Results of this impact would not be known 'til my local Honda "Wrench" started to tear the motor down. The extent of the damages is hard for me to comprehend given the slow speed at which I contacted the bollard, but here's the highlights:
* Broken head casting
* Broken Valve Cover
* Valve cover bolts torn from the head casting
* All three sparkplug wires were severed
* Timing Gear was bent, causing timing chain to twist & jam
* Several valves were bent due to jamming of timing chain
* Lower Cowl plastic destroyed (good thing I hadn't installed the Plasma Ion Fog Lights I purchased from EC!)

May 2006
Got the bike back from the shop. All seems to be working as expected. Total bill exceeds $5,000!! Kudos to Geico, they paid the claim without hesitation, and with no raise in rates, WOW!
Installed EC Plasma Ion fog lights

June 2006
Changed oil w/Spectro & OEM filter (68,000+/- miles)

August 2006
Changed oil w/Spectro & OEM filter (72,000+/- miles)

October 2006
Changed oil w/Spectro & OEM filter (78,000+/- miles)

December 15, 16 & 17 2006 (85,000+/- miles)
Replaced front & rear tires (OEM Dunlop D250's) got 23,000+ miles that I know of!
Replacement Front Tire - Bridgestone G709
Replacement Rear Tire - Dunlop Winter Sport 3D, 195/55 R16 Run Flat!!
Replaced EBC brake pads front & rear with OEM pads

December 19, 2006
Throttle cable breaks 11 miles from home! Imagine 9.5 miles of I-95 during the evening rush-hour at idle!! Then 1.5 miles of Mall Traffic during the last week of Christmas shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 22 & 23, 2006
Replace broken throttle cable. This would have been a $600-700 job at a shop, and all just to replace a $12.40 part!!!!!

January 7, 2007
Completed initial entries of vehicle history.
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