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I know it's not my normal way to do. But even though we've only had our 06 just over 6 weeks, I think I'm done adding accessories. Here's the list of what we have. A few of the items were removed from our 05, but most have been bought in the last 6 weeks. After having all the LED's & chrome on all the other wings, I think I'm all chromed out. Sorry if I dissapoint someone, for not having much chrome. :wink:

Tulsa: Belly Pan~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$54.95
Kuryakyn: Passenger Armrests~~~~~~~~~~~~~$197.99
Big Bike Parts: Lower Cowl Deflector~~~~~~~~~~$39.88
Honda: CB Antenna~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$117.26
Honda: 40 Channel CB Radio~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$685.91
Utopia: Drivers Backrest~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$169.00
Baker Built: GL1800 Hand Wings~~~~~~~~~~~~~$44.96
Baker Built: Air Wings w/Lowers~~~~~~~~~~~~~$114.71
J&M: Headsets(For Intercom)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$272.00
NT100 Titanium Open Face Helmets~~~~~~~~~~~$169.98
Medallion Series: Front Fender Extension~~~~~~~$27.87
Medallion Series: Trunk Handle~~~~~~~~~~~~~$62.95
Honda: Rear Spoiler w/Brake Light~~~~~~~~~~~$240.26
E. C.: Run/Brake Spoiler Harness~~~~~~~~~~~~$19.95
Chris Chrome: License Plate Frame~~~~~~~~~~~$5.45
Butler: 20oz Driver Mug~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$44.95
Kuryakyn: Offset Dually Pegs w/Quick Clamp~~~~~~$109.95
TVG MotoCaps: Chrome GW Logo Valve Stem Caps~~$9.95
Kuryakyn: LED Rear Reflctor Replacement Kit~~~~~~$53.96
Big Bike Parts: Small Cord Keepers~~~~~~~~~~~~$9.86
Muth: Blue Muth LED Mirrors~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$215.10
Electrical Connection: Platinum Series Driving Lights~$199.95
Kuryakyn: Handlebar Risers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$69.99
Total amount doesn’t include taxes, shipping or handling.

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Experience has proven to me several times that when you say your are done or almost done, it tends to get really expensive with new add-on's. i'd say to start saving your nickles, dimes and quarters, you're liable to need a lot of them......

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