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I can't answer the specific question. However I will share what I remember about Europe.

I lived in Paris and Brussels for a period of 16 years. During that time, it became very evident, that the individual European countries had varied ideas and interest concerning TVs and radio receivers.

A tax had to be paid for each receiver that you owned. Be it television or AM/FM radio.

Secondly, US radios would not work in all the parts of Europe that I lived and travelled in. The Frequencies are different. In the US, the frequencies are lined up to end in odd numbers, such as 77.7 or 103.5. In Europe, the frequencies ended with even numbers IE 100.2 etc.

Also, I do not recall Cb's being used in Europe, they could have been, but I did not see any.

Perhaps this is the problem.

Seems that the European nations like to tax these type appliances annually.

Sorry that I could not help you more.

Say hello to Santa and Rudolph

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