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I wanted to share my Carplay issues and resolution.

Gear - Nolan N104 with the B4 system installed (with the latest firmware update), iPhone 7+ (with most current IOS update), 2019 Wing with the most current update install.

The B4 system on my Nolan was a few years old and had no issues aside from battery life. A couple years ago I swapped batteries and all was good. Never had an issue with BT connecting to my phone and headset or to my wife's headset. Then I (we) didn't ride more than a few hundred miles in the last couple years so the helmets sat in the garage on/off the charger. Im one of those guys that still tries to keep things maintained even if not being used.

Dealership had me pair the phone to the bike but once I got it home I reset everything. I wanted the phone paired to the headset only. Had it like this for a couple days because I knew how to use it that way and wanted to learn more about the bike. I then decided I wanted to use the Carplay so I started fiddling with that. Well... all BT **** broke loose on me. I couldn't get the headset paired to the bike and when it did it only lasted until I shut it all down and restarted it. I cant tell you all how many times I reset everything and I mean EVERYDAMNTHING! Bike, headset, phone over and over. FINE! Ill just keep the phone and headset paired for now... NOPE!

Seems the headset and phone were spotty. I realized this on a longer ride and even the helmet to helmet coms were garbage. Well... I dug back into the memory banks and started to remember when BT versioning was something you had to consider. Feel free to look up Bluetooth versioning for a real exciting read (not really). OK... iPhone is updated, bike is updated, headset is updated BUT the last update was around 2015 (I think) and the system was no longer supported.

I splurged and got us the new Ncom B901R sets, installed them into the helmets and BAM... headset connected to bike, iPhone launched Carplay and any issues I have had after that were on me. Example... I was leaving work today and my Carplay wouldn't connect... cause my dumb ass got impatient and started reconnecting things. In the process I taped the dash audio button to send audio to the bike speakers vs the headset. Carply no workie without a headset.

Since updating the headset (about a week now) I have had no issues with the devices auto connecting as long as I am patient and wait.
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