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Carver One

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Has anyone seen this before. I never thought I would like a trike much, but this one might be really interesting.
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WOW, I'd love to have a go, but wouldnt own one, rather have 2 wheels for the same ride :)
Those have been floating around on the internet for oh, about five years now. Pretty much vaporware. Since about 2005 production was <just around the corner>...According to Motor Trike (manufacturers of the Stallion) once you put a top and side windows on a trike, it is a car and needs air bags, side impact doors, bumpers, etc, etc,. I seriously doubt if Carver will A: ever go into production and B: ever be imported to the United States. It is an interesting design exercise if nothing else.
Yeah, it's old news. I posted info about the Carver One and the T-Rex today over on this thread:
There is also an American Company called Venture One that is basing their car off Carver technology. They were close to production when the bad economy quit....have not heard much since...

Also, I forgot the guys name, but he is the one that built the Goldwing Turbo system. He is involved with a compnay that was making a trike that used Fuel Vaporization and got 100 mpg I beleive.

Article and pics here:
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