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Hey Ho DMB11570!

I did the install last weekend with a new unit Hal sent me. I did NOT remove the trunk or rear fender as directed by the shop book, totally unnecessary. The cut-out for the wiring harness grommet is already imbossed in teh plastic of teh trunk. there is plenty of room to use a Dremmel mototool with a zip bit to rough-out the embossed area and then use the Dremmel drum sander attachment to smooth out the opening to edges of the embossed pattern. WAY EZ! I also did not have to install an antenna. I used the Sierra CB antenna mast which simply replaces teh Honda OEM AM/FM antenna and then has a splitter arrangement to serve both the AM/FM radio and CB. Only takes a couple of minutes to install and NO HOLES to DRILL in your bike and only one antenna masst to lower to get into low garages. Although I did remove teh top shelter because I also wanted to adjust the Cruise Control; teh CB connecter on my bike was so well exposed that I could have just removed the bolts and fasteners and raised the top enough to plug in teh CB coupler which was resting right under the lower right corner of the gasoline drip box -- would have saved a lot of time and tedious Tupperware wrestling -- but I like the instant Cruise response now and I did find some factory work that needed tweaked (nearly lost fastener grommet).

The CB works great. The FM radio perfoemed exceptionally well on a ride yesterday in deep valleys and mountain passes -- never lost reception for even an instant. Before, my FM wa lousy. I am not sure if Sierra deserves the credit or if my OEM antenna had a corroded thread a where it joined teh fastening hardware at the side of the bike or even a poor ground ( I cleaned the grounds while doing the install, but they appeared to be clean/tight already). Very pleased so far.

doing Utopia rest next rainly day (?tomorrow?).

BTW: Some folks have reported having a difficult time in getting the seat bolts to thread back in straight. It is very "grabby" threading the stainless bolts into the aluminum frame bosses. A bit of bar soap, beeswax, or even anti-seize helps that a LOT. Run the bolts in ans out a time or two before replacing the seat
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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