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2004 GL1800. If you're having CB or FM radio reception issues - READ ON!

I upgraded both high & low beams to EC LEDs but, more recently changed my brake light bulbs to LED (Flasher-types). On a recent jaunt with two other riders, I was having choppy reception and they said I was also breaking up.

Went down to the Dodge City Alabama CB shop. We checked the SWR, less than 1.5 low/high, output a whopping 2 watts (Hondaline CB). That's all good.

Guy notices my headlights are so bright. Hey, are those LED? Yep, he said to switch low to high...static breaks through the squelch. Got a USB charger for the phone? Yep, I unplug it and then plug it back it...static breaks squelch. I show him my LED flashing break lights...yep, breaks squelch. If you look at the brake lights with your smartphone, you see how the LEDs are still fluttering, but the naked eye can't detect it until the brake is engaged.

He's like, you are competing against yourself!

I already have an EC power filter in my cubby. So, I'm going to try some ferrite filters. If I can I'm going to try to put some on the Antenna wire, USB wire, and each headlight wire and see if that improves my situation.

2004 GL1800
Rider 123, 2019 Tour of Honor
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