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Update on CB Radio

Update - Took the bike to the dealer - removed seat, removed trunk cover and tested the cb radio - checked with Honda - the radio is kapoot, dead, muerte, ganz todt, and will be replaced. Funny part is that there is no plug right on the radio. The harness is permanently connected to the radio and to remove the radio you must go to the end of each wire ...i.e. front headset / micorphone connector, rear micro / headset connector, antenna, control panel at the shelter, power at the fuse panel - this is the most idiotic way to design the radio. It would have been much simpler to have a multi connector plug right on the radio. Replacement of the radio is as complex as the original installation. Stupid stupid stupid. Of course, after 3 months the radio is being replaced under warranty. And now you all know the rrrrrrrrrrrest of the story.
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