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Changing final drive unit

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Do I need any seals, gaskets, etc when I change out the final drive unit with a new one? Will be checking and lubing the shaft while I'm in there. (70 K miles) Thanks Dave in MN
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Nope, just some moly-60 lube for the splines
I would recommend installing a new oil seal for the drive shaft. The oil seal fits into the coupler (on the final drive unit) and keeps the lube on the rear drive shaft splines from escaping.

Go to Hal's parts website and look under "Swingarm", it's item number 15, part number 91261-ME9-005.

Sometimes you can get away with using the old oil seal but for 6 -7 bucks, it's worth installing a new one.
did your original final drive have something wrong with it ?
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