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charging deep cycle battery

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I want to put an electric cooler on the front of my Dart trailer. I want it to run off from a deep cycle battery that is going to be mounted beside it. 2 questions. Is the bike alternator strong enough to charge the deep cycle battery while the bike is running, and how do I wire it up. Thanks for any advice and tips.
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Deep cycle battery are extremely heavy. I doubt that you would want to haul that much weight around with you just for a cooler.

I would believe that the alternator on the GL1800 would provide enough power to run the cooler but check what the amperage is and be sure. Of course you could run directly off the battery if needed, to protect your bike's wiring harness. Nothing is so important than to protect the wiring harness. Just be careful!

Hope this helps.
What is the power consumption in watts of the cooler? That info may put your question in better perspective. Thanks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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