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Cheaper Cold Weather Suit

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I bought this suit (from another company) for 130 bucks with shipping.

I have been comuting with it at 20 to 25 degrees at 70 MPH. That's with nothing on underneath but dress shirt and pants. At that temp, I also have to use serious gloves, a balaclava, and eye goggles.

I highly recommend this suit, if one is looking for a cheaper alternative to those 800 dollar types. I wiegh 200; 5'10'', and got the Large.

They have a little video about the suit here.
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thanks for the info. There's a lot to be said for 1 piece suits. I've used one for skiing the last few years and I've never been warmer.
I bought a snowmobile suit for $90, but the secret is the gloves. I have to make sure the gloves are OVER the suit to prevent any cold air from getting inside. I've ridden this whole winter, even down below 20 degrees, and stayed warm after I bought better gloves.

In my opinion, the only excuse to not ride is thick ice and snow. If I could put studs in my tires I'd ride on ice...

May keep you warm, but what about if you go down, its not going to help at all then. I will stay with my Olympia Phantom suit, its already paid for itself in my crash last fall. Not knocking your choice, its your hide not mine.
True. That's my choice now, isn't it?
I've used this $50 one in the mid 20's with a jacket and polar fleece underneath, as well as long underwear. Was plenty warm. My fiance with street cloths and a jacket underneath, in the high 30s and is warm.

You kinda' look like the Michelin man when wearing it, but it's inexpensive.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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