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I have worked with a replacement clear lens for the front turning lights since middle of December. I expect to have them ready in about 2 weeks. I found a company in Sweden who can make a clear lens. Now I´m trying to find a sealing for dust that also rejects water that goes around the lens and a proper glue between lens/housing. I think Honda bond 4 is quite simular to oem. We also need a colored bulb. For a start I think we have to paint the bulb ourselves with amber glass-paint. In EU this bulb type insn´t used what I know of. Maybe you guys can find someone in US.

It will take some work to separete the oem lens from the housing. You will need to put the hole unit in boiling water for 2-3 minutes to soften the bond. Then it comes of pritty easy. After that you have to boil the housing several times to get rid of the rest of the bond. (Being very careful with the cromed surface all of the time)

I will post pictures as soon as the lens arrives.
I have ordered a clear and a light-smoke version for komparision.
Anyone interested can send an e-mail to:
[email protected]

Janne in Sweden. :sw1:

Color samples
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