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This is really a continuation of a previous thread from a couple of years back by Oran42348 but his thread is too old to continue.

It's just a fix in case anyone does a search in the future.

I got the dreaded clicking starter relay much the same as Oran42348 where we trouble shot along to the second starter relay not pulling in. There was high resistance continuity from the primary side of the second starter relay through the reverse regulator, on through the jumper connector for the blue/yellow cable from the regulator then through the reverse position switch to ground. The reverse switch checked out ok.

The issue turned out to be corrosion in the reverse regulator connector; this connector is not weather proof though it is subject to water from under the rear of the bike. Idiot designers. The picture shows the corrosion.

For info: This is for the 2012 onward bikes. Had the reverse regulator proved good then the next check would have been the junction of the blue/yellow cable from the reverse regulator to the reverse position switch. This junction of jumpers lives under the shelter next to the reverse control unit, it's shown in the picture above the blue dot. It looks just like a normal connector and it's a 24 pin white connector. The blue/yellow cables link at the 12 pin green section of the connector .


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