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Two weeks ago went to ride the 05 Goldwing with 217,000 miles, very little resistance in clutch lever. Clutch did not work. Plenty of DOT 4 in clutch reservoir, in fact maybe a little too much. Clutch would not pump up with repeated use to test if it had air in the line. A week or two earlier had changed clutch and brake fluids (first change) and rode 500 miles with no problems observed. Ordered clutch cylinder repair kit. Mechanic friend went to bleed from clutch slave and as he pulled clutch lever resistance returned to clutch lever. I think he also said initial bleed fluid was somewhat under pressure. Removed a teaspoon full of DOT 4. Clutch works normal now. Did some research and it appears too much fluid can cause a similar problem. Do you folks think this was the problem? Steve Short, Fair Grove, MO
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