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NOTE: This LED conversion was done on a 2006 model bike.

Initially, I had some burned out bulbs in my radio. I decided to change those bulbs from incandescent to LED to start and was planning on just keeping the stock white lights.

I ordered eight of the NEO4 bulbs from and opted for the White 3800K bulbs.

These are the OEM bulbs for the radio and there around $5 each depending on where you order them from:

The bulbs were ordered from on Monday this week and they arrived today. Three business days...not bad. And the shipping was very reasonable (about $3) and packed very well, in a nice box. Inside the box was this pack with the 8 bulbs:

In this image, the OEM bulb is on the left and the new LED on the right:

Here is a side view of the bulbs.

NOTE 1: In two of the sockets, the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and the white plastic socket the bulb goes up into, didn't line up perfectly which caused the bulb to go in a little sideways. This caused the contacts on the bulb socket not to touch the electrical contact on the PCB. Trimming the side of the socket (outlined in red) fixed that problem and they went right in.

NOTE 2: A dropping resistor was not needed. Evidently they have a resistor molded into the socket. You just plug it in.

NOTE 3: There is a positive and negative side to the LED's which is a bit of the PITA. I installed all six bulbs, put the radio controls back onto the radio itself and put in two screws and then hooked up the radio to the bike. Several bulbs did not light up so I reversed their polarity (turned the bulbs around) and check them again...all working.

This is the radio before the new bulbs went in (one bulb is burned out):[/font]

And here are the new bulbs installed. A bit brighter and a bit warmer in color. The "Cool 6600K" might be a closer match to stock:

Knowing what I know now, I might decide to get into changing all the bulbs to red. I think that would look better, especially at night.

At $1.95/bulb, these are a great option if you have burned out radio bulbs. And buy an extra bulb or two...just in case. I sure am glad I did. But that's another story.


I went over to JAX Stage Lighting this morning and picked up a 20" X 24" sheet of red gel filter and got to work. You should be able to get the same thing your area or from Amazon.

I quickly found out that you can't get behind the dials and in front of the instrument cluster circuit board to just cover the LED's. So, plan B.

Once I got the cluster apart (take your time, this is tricky and requires patience), I made paper cut-outs that would go behind the dials. I had to be careful not to go down to far and cover the various "idiot" lights, keep away from the dial movements and try not to have any overlap of the gels.

You have to take out the two little screws for each dial (speedo and tach) and the 4 screws for the fuel gauge and coolant temp. I carefully slid the gels behind the dials in such a way that when the screws went back in, they would help hold the gels in place:

Next, I trimmed the extra of the top edge of the gels:

The first time I hooked up the cluster back on the bike, as you can see, I messed up a little:

After I fixed that, I plugged the cluster back in, everything looked good, but when I started the bike, the fuel gauge would not move. ARGH!!! Take it all apart again and cut a new gel to go behind the fuel gauge. Put it all back together and Voilà!!!! Everything works!

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