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Changing the radio to RED LED's

The incandescent bulbs that come in the radio have this blue, rubber boot over the glass. A gentle tug with my forefinger and thumbnail and it popped right off.

Why not put that rubber boot over the LED? Wonder if it would work? So I popped the boots off the 6 old bulbs and put them over the LED's and with a little super glue, they should stay on. I put the glue around the four sides of the LED and then slid the boot over the LED. I used some canned air to speed up the drying.

I then hooked up one light with and one light without to my 12V power supply to see the difference. It was drastic. I liked the light with the boot on. It was much more subtle:

So, lets pull the radio.

With the top shelter off and sitting upside down on top of a soft towel, I removed the eight screws indicated and then gently pull the radio up and out:

Next, remove the four screws indicated:

Gently pull up on the black plastic part that holds the buttons and it will separate from the actual radio. PULL UP STRAIGHT!

Set the aluminum housing aside and turn over the black part to expose the back side of the PCB. The red circles indicate the bulbs. To remove the bulbs, press down with your finger and turn about 1/8 of a turn counter-clockwise. The arrows next to the sockets indicate the installation direction:

I mentioned above that I was having to trim several bulb sockets because the PCB and the white plastic housing behind the PCB didn't line up, as shown here:

I decided to address this issue another way. I removed the seven screws shown here:

And took the button housing apart and I made holes PL652 and PL653 a bit larger (in the white plastic part indicated with the red circles) using a rat-tail file. Everything else was SO dirty. Into some soapy water (NOT THE PCB) and then dried everything good using the compressor.

NOTE: The six bulbs without the blue rubber boots are the initial LED's that are white. And I left the boot off one red bulb to see what the difference would be:

With everything back together and one bulb without the "blue boot," this is what it looked like:

It was easy to tell which bulb didn't have the boot. And I like it MUCH better with the little blue rubber boots on. So, I took the radio apart again and put the boot over the one LED and this is what it looks like now:

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