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Cold feet and Skidplate???

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Going to order some supplies from Hal. What is a recommended additional add-on deflector for cold feet and what skid-plate? The ride is a "81" GL1800 red in color. Also thinking about some heated socks from Gerbings for when it's really cold. Any comments on the socks?
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Might be a dumb question on my part, but do you already have the Gerbing controls for the socks? Just asking.:roll:
cold weather

If you have a heated jacket and you go with the socks. I would go with double controler.
Typo- Yes it's a "01" sorry for that. And those are the parts I'm looking for. Is alum. better than steel skid plate? If I got the socks a controller would have to also be purchased. I have a vest and gloves from another vendor and the socks won't work with the controller I have. Do the sock work that well? I know that the socks that are controled with a D cell battery are junk.
i have Gerbings heated socks and they work fine but they are more hassel than i like so i don't use them very often

these Grabber foot warmers are very handy and what i prefer to use, they are insoles for your shoes and about 1/8 inch thick, very easy to use and just throw away when done

lots of places around here sell them, Fleet Farm stores have them on sale a couple times per year for less than $2 a pair
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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