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On a recent 15,000 mile (9 week) cross country motorcycle trip on my 2003 GL1800A, I had to replace my Avon 180/70/16 with a Bridgestone 180/60/16, which in turn had to be replaced with a Dunlop D251 180/70/16. I usually use the 70 series rear tire, but I was forced to purchase the Bridgestone 60 series tire because that was all that was available.

During the last 600 miles of the trip, in the rain, and after riding about 300 miles on the new Dunlop 251, the ABS light started blinking continuously. Initially, I could stop this light from blinking by turning off the ignition and restarting the bike. However, over the course of the next two days this maneuver stopped working, and the continuously blinking ABS light remained blinking at all times.

I have taken the bike the the dealer, and his first statement was that "wrong size" rear tires can cause the ABS light to blink. I've used 70 series rear tires for about 11,000 miles without any ABS light blinking.

Has anyone ever had an ABS light to continuously blink and this been caused by a 70 series rear tire?

Does anyone have any experience with a continuously blinking ABS light? What should I be looking for as regards a cause for this?

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Here is the service manual procedure to retrieve the ABS trouble code:

1. Remove the No. 5 and 6 control motor fuses from the fuse box (10;
page 17-4) with the ignition switch turned to OFF to be sure that
each fuse is not burned out.
• If either fuse is burned out, perform the troubleshooting of problem
code “4” (No. 5 fuse) or “5” (No. 6 fuse) without installing the fuse.
2. Turn the ignition switch to ON. The ABS indicator should come on.
3. Wait for 5 seconds and the ABS indicator goes off.
4. Install either the No. 5 or the No. 6 fuse immediately after the ABS
indicator is off (within 3 seconds).
5. The problem code is indicated by the number of times the ABS indicator

• Before performing any ABS troubleshooting, check the pre-start self-diagnosis (page 17-5).
• The ABS indicator might blink in the following cases. Correct the faulty part.
– Incorrect tire pressure.
– Tires not recommended for the motorcycle were installed (incorrect tire size).
– Deformation of the wheel or tire.
• The ABS indicator might blink while riding under the following conditions. This is temporary failure. Erase the problem
code and perform the pre-start self-diagnosis. The ABS is normal if the indicator goes off. Ask the rider for the riding
conditions in detail when the motorcycle is brought in for inspection.
– The motorcycle has continuously run on bumpy roads.
– After riding (after the pre-start self-diagnosis), the engine was kept running and the rear wheel turning (for more than
30 seconds) with the motorcycle placed on the centerstand.
– The ABS control module is disrupted by extremely powerful radio waves (electromagnetic interference). This is a
temporary failure. Erase the problem code and perform the pre-start self-diagnosis. The ABS is normal if the ABS
indicator goes off.

2 - Front wheeel speed sensor system
3 - Rear wheel speed sensor system
4 - Front control motor system
5 - Rear control motor system
6 - Front crank angle sensor system
7 - Rear crank angle sensor system
8 - Front control circuit
9 - ABSRear control circuit
10 - Front relay circuit
11 - Rear relay circuit
12 - Front motor driver circuit
13 - Rear motor driver circuit
14 - Power circuit

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Turns out it's a bad ABS module

I talked with the service advisor today, and it turns out that the ABS module is bad. Another one is ordered. Fortunately, my warrenty doesn't run out until 2011!!
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