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I finally got to try out my 175/60/16 Dunlap Wintersport dsst run flat. I will say that it is a little different than the mt, but different in a good way. The first twisty (yes here in eastern Ks.:lol:) I noticed a little difference in going into the turn, had to lean a little more. By the third twisty I was in love :excited: ! The tire does exactly what I had hoped for, it makes the road softer and quieter and stickier.

I have had two neck surgeries, three discs removed, and I am going in for a third next month. I had the bike traxxionised front and rear and that helped alot. But now with the ct the difference is remarkable, I am pretty sure the rehab after surgery will be shorter :yes:( I hope the surgeon doesn't see this).

I want to thank Trailsman for all the pm's. The info he and everybody on this forum gave me was invaulable. So thanks again Paul, you made a believer out of me, The so loves it too.

I guess now I need a number and a decal !!!
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