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Sorry guys, It's not a 1800 but I am hoping someone here can help me troubleshoot a 1500 cruise control.

Buddy bought a 97 1500. Buttons all sticking. When you turn on bike you get "cruise on" and no other cruise related lights. I sprayed contact cleaner into the buttons and now they are all operational. Now when you turn on the bike you get "cruise on" and "cruise set." The cruise set light goes off and I assume it's the test to show the circuit is working. Buddy tried setting the cruise but no go. Suspect maybe I need to split the grip housing and clean the contacts of all the buttons, but would like to know if I can expect parts to fly out when I pull the housing apart. Would also like to know if there is any other known causes of cruise failure that are easily checked.
Can I rule out electrical since the lights come on with the key? Is that a pretty good indicator of a switch probem?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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