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Has anyone replaced their delrin disc on a CSC angled shaft ?? If so,how difficult is it and any instructions available...

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Just pull the 4 bolts and remove teflon or delrin disc and replace ...Fairly easy

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Go to this link for some photos

and here is how you do it. I forgot who originally wrote this - sorry ! Be sure to grease the repezza joint when you do this !

CSC driveshaft maintenance This evening I went after the driveshaft maintenance. Thanks to Rex for the tips about the tyraps to keep the repezza joint together!!!! ANd the use of silicone to seal the mating surfaces. Here are a few things I found while doing the shaft.

1. lossen all the bolts but don't remove them.

  1. remove 2 bolts opposite from each other.

3. get 2 tyraps and push the shaft forward. bend the ends of the tyraps and slide them through the two open holes, play with them untill they come out between the repezza and the differential coupler and secure them. Now repezza won't fall apart.

4. remove the remainder of the bolts.

5. the drive shaft will come apart between the yoke and the shaft where the spring is. Or if it all comes out at once, separate it at the spring spline joint.

6. slide the shaft out over the exhaust and out to the wheel well then you can get it out by moving the front of the shaft to the wheel side and out it will come.

7. slide the drive yoke off and remove it. If it stayed on the output shaft when you removed the drive shaft.

8. I used a workmate and opened it up enough to let the joint rest through the opening on the collar where the bolts go letting the shaft hang loose

9. use a small screw driver and rag and clean the old grease out. Moving the shaft in a circular motion helps get alot of it out. Also you can gently push the shaft up and down and pump some of it out.

10. once clean I used a grease gun and pumped the appropriate grease into the joint. again moving the shaft in circular motions to pump it in also. and used fingers to pack the new grease in

11. clean all the silicone off the drive colllar on the differential and remove the delren disk, the disk is tight, you can run a screw into the center if necessary to remove it. I was able to use my fingernails and gently wiggle it free.

12. when all is clean, install new delren disk and apply silicone around the outside mating surface of the drive collar where the repezza will remate
13. clean and lube all the splines and yokes with appropriate grease

14. install the yoke on the engine output shaft

15. install the drive shaft in reverse of removal, don't forget the spring between the shaft and the yoke!!!!

16. start at least 2 or 3 bolts opposite each other. leave them loose don't tighten yet but make sure they started.

17. cut and remove the tyraps and install all the bolts, tighten evenly in a cross pattern like on a wheel. I used medium locktite on the bolts.

18. final tighten and torque.

19. wipe all surfaces clean and you are done.

What I found when I did all this. The front yokes were pretty dry. All the splines were a bit dry. The repezza joint did not have alot of grease in it. I put in way more than I ever got out. I took my time and made sure it was packed well. Not sure if that is the right thing to do but that's what I did. I checked the u-joint in the front yoke and it was tight and moved freely. The silicone I was told to put on the repezza is to seal the grease in. My bike has under 20K and I could see it really needed this service. It is recommended every 20K by CSC. Sorry I did not take pics of the process. You don't want to see where I have to work :eek:4: Here is a pic of the delren disk I removed. You can see the wear in the middle. When you order them order several, they are only $3.30 ea, but the shipping is $10.45, so order a few and save them for later.

I have more maintenace and work to do before I get to test her out. But the drive shaft was more secure when I was done than when I started. Hope this helps someone.

The trick is to install the axle in pieces. Install the slip joint to the output shaft first. Then, insert the driveshaft, spline end first, up into the cavity next to the slip yoke and bring the Rzeppa joint up and slide it next to the differential attachment(where it will bolt to). The driveshaft will rest just to the left (as you look at it laying below). slide the spring onto the spline end of the shaft and slide the spline into the slip yoke. After the driveshaft is installed into the slip yoke, push the entire assembly toward the front of the trike, compressing the spring. When you get it far enough forward to clear the differential attachment point, set the Rzeppa joint in place. It helps if you have marked at least one of the holes where the allen head screws will screw in. Then you can turn the shaft or the differential, if you have the rear end on jack stands.
Insert the 6 screws and VIOLA!
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