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Recently converted my 2010 GL1800 to CSC Cobra XL trike. Love it. That said, I now have a problem re-establishing my connection to my Texelent Tailwind trailer. The CSC trike kit wires the trailer for Escapade trailers and they use a 6 pole rectangle female connector. As you will see it isnt 6 square as 2 of the slots are not utilized. See attached. View attachment 73094

The problem is that my previous trailer connection was for a 6 pole round connection (see attached) View attachment 73095 and it was installed under the trunk right side, protected from rain and road debris. With the new CSC fender structure, I cannot even open my connector cover because it bumped into the new fenders. Additionally, even if there was enough room to open it, I did not want to run my trailer cables to it since it would scratch the new fenders every time I made a turn. I called CSC and they do not sell an adapter from 6 rectangle to 6 round. The solution appears to be, since I do not want to change the trailer side plug, is to cut off the bike side connector and replace it with a 6 pole round male connector, and mount it with a bracket that holds the 6 pole round connector.

If anyone has any better ideas, I am all ears.
Almost Square plugs CSC great more propritory stuff / not me / I went to Tractor Supply or a similar farm store that sells trailer parts and I keep what I use on hand ... I buy about 4 male 6 wire plugs and 3 female 6 wire plugs with the weather cover so they match. Kuryakyn also makes these but they are cheap chrome and a different size. So I use the TSC ones they also sell the mounting brackets but you can make these by bending a flat plate and drilling it out for the screw holes and the Female Plug to go thru . Just label all your CSC wires when you cut the plug off and solder the ends of the wires so they don't fray and will insert into the pins and tighten the little screws with a small drop of blue Loctite or your wife clear finger nail polish. Once their all tight push the plug together and insert the set screw.... and plug it your 6 pin plug to match..... good to go.... done this a number of times and now have my diagram for a pattern next time.... even though mine was a Roadsmith I always have used the 6 pin plugs and am yet to have one fail they are very waterproof and don't corode mounted on a lower frame rail slightly under the trike right by the reciever.
At least the installer put a plug within reach instead of leaving it for you to dig out of the tour box..... Just take your time.... and when you start working on the plug disconnect the battery to saves fuses lives.... Good luck... Your can also order parts thru


1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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