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purchased 6/1/06 with 18500 miles.
Changed oil/filter (dino) and final drive (amsoil syn) at 25000
Changed oil/filter (Rotella this time W/amsoil filter-Amsoil next) at 30500
Changed oil/filter (Amsoil and Amsoil filter) and Final Drive (Amsoil Gear Lube) at 35500
New Avon Venom tires at 26775. Replaced D250's. What a difference in feel.
New Avon Venom tires at 37650 (11000 on first set).

Kennedy Single Set
2 EK Mounts
Garmin 2610
SkyFi II
EC filters and leads for XM
EC foglamp protectors Amber
Kisan Brake Modulator
Passenger PTT
Bushtec Hitch and Isolation Harness 2/07
Big Bike FFE
Kury Shark Teeth
Kury FrtFndr Tip
MOPeg's 3/07
Diamond Seat
Handle bar risers
Kury grips and levers
Bike Butlers front and back.
Battery tender and wired a small air compressor to plug into it.
Big Bike round luggage rack.
Big Bike trunk and saddlebag trim in chrome.
Kury pivot cover.
Cargo Keepers
Show Chrome rear fender trim.
REG risers.

Suspension Changes 1st week of May 07
Pulled Forks took them apart and cleaned. pretty messy job. yep they were dirty as well.
Installed new traxxion springs and spacers. New bushings and seals. Disabled the anti dive. Ground it off.
New All Balls bearings.
New low beam bulbs.
Adjusted cruise control.
New air filter.
Installed Progressive 460 shock.
Serviced the hydraulic adjuster.
Tightened every hose clamp I could get to when the tank was out.
New brake pads front and rear.
New spark plugs.
Coolant change.
Clutch and Brake fluid change.
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