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Darts near Knoxville

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OK, I know what I forgot to ask....

I like to play darts, but Google can't seem to find any dart places (usually a bar). Anyone know of any places in or around Knoxville?

I'm down to 4 candidate houses in the Powell area.

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In this part of Tennessee we play darts with a cross bow. :nojoke:
I don't know any dart throwers in the area, but Bailey's Sports Grille in the Seven Oaks center (between Kingston Pike and Parkside Drive - no real "anchor" stores in this strip center except a Burlingtons) has darts. Not on the Powell side of town, though. You might check with Lewis - he might know that area better.

You might also try:
Greater Knoxville Darting Assn, PO Box 52128, Knoxville, TN

and a google search brought up this article:
Baileys Pub, Knoxville - Dart Tournament

STEEL DARTS ARE BACK IN KNOXVILLE-WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!! I know you steel darters are out there-Come to Baileys Pub in West Knoxville Thursday Nights at 7:30 and 4:00 Saturday afternoon. Greg Edwards has put a helluva blind draw and now we are starting an inhouse dart league. Lots of fun. Great Place. Blind draw bringing in 30+ darters. A great time is guarenteed, just like the old days of Bombers. Come and check it out.

and, this Metro Pulse article from the late '90s:
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I would rather use my Mathews than a crossbow.

I did find Baily's


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