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November 01 - Purchased Bike From Don Braziel in Dallas Texas

Rode bike back home to NJ

Cruise control switch stuck in on position
Lower fog lights stuck in on position

Wired bike for widder electrics

January 08, 2009
Bike battery discharged bike wouldn't start after meeting in parking lot for ride
Push started the wing - ran fine the rest of the day

January 16 - bike totally dead in garage - placed on battery tender

January 17 - bike starts up fine and appears to be charging

new battery ordered $94.99

January 25 - new battery installed - old battery placed on battery tender will load test

February 06 - discovered bent rim on front - tire still holding air - looking for new rim just to be sure

February 10 - obtained new wheel from gl1800 member in florida $275.00 will buy new tire to have a complete set

February 25 - replaced new wheel onto front end mileage 57203

March 02 - changed oil 59125 used standard oil and Honda filter - will change once again in 1 month back to synthetic

mounted rear tire bridgestone 60540 miles

moved ipod to brake resevoir with velcro

added igloo cooler to hitch
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